Need Real Estate Litigation?

Have you entered into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (“APS”) and the vendor/purchasing is refusing to close? Has a vendor failed to satisfy a condition upon closing? Alternatively, has a purchaser claims that they no longer have the means to close? We can help vendors, purchasers, mortgagees, and any other interested parties with the following: 

  • Advancing claims against purchasers for breach of APS with respect to damages and forfeiture of deposit
  • Defending claims brought by vendors for forfeiture of deposit
  • Advancing claims against vendors for failure to comply with conditions of closing the APS
  • Advancing claims on behalf of mortgagees under the Mortgages Act and Sales and Partition Act for the sale of real estate property and defending such claims on behalf of mortgagors 

Whether you’re a vendor or purchaser, Fridmar Professional Corporation has a strategy in place to address your real estate needs.