Fridmar Professional Corporation (the “FPC“) opened shop in 2020 when its founder and principal lawyer, Dan Fridmar, decided to start a boutique practice offering assistance and support with Construction Law to members of the construction industry. Mr. Fridmar also offers services in Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Litigation, and other areas of general litigation that are incidental to the construction industry.


A dedicated construction industry law firm who helps individuals and businesses in Ontario receive the quality of work that they expect and collect payment for good work performed.


To provide our clients with affordable and creative solutions tailored to their individual legal and business needs.


Our core values include cost-efficiency, creativity, and confidence:
We understand that litigation, with its complexities and unknowns, might become a major source of stress in the lives of many clients. As such, we hope to inspire confidence in our clients to rest easy and trust that the FPC has their cases under control.

Meet the Team