Welcome to the FPC!

Firstly, we at the FPC would like to welcome everyone to our inaugural post. There are so many components to construction law – not only related to the current Construction Act, but also those surrounding the regulation and every day practice in the construction industry – that go unnoticed. Some of these concepts are more obvious, such as “how to secure an oral agreement entered into with a general contractor on site?” Others are more nuanced, such as “who is able to execute a Claim for Lien form?”

While many existing legal blogs are dedicated to analyzing the broad theories and rules associated with construction law, as well as broadcasting the latest news and trends in construction, there is currently a gap of readily available information on the finer elements of these topics for members of the industry. As such, the FPC proudly presents its blogging series, The Concrete Concepts. Through this blog, we hope to explore niche areas, thoughts, and ideas associated with construction law that may be on people’s minds – whether those are general questions related to everyday practice or narrow issues that have yet to be analyzed.

So stay tuned and contact us if there are any burning questions you have about the amazing sphere of construction law!